MG Shares New Pictures Of Cyberster Roadster But Technical Details Still Under Wraps

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These new images have given us a new appreciation for the car's stylish design.

MG has shared new images of the Cyberster electric roadster in pre-production form, along with a design film that finally gives us a more revealing look at the interior. Unfortunately, MG is still keeping the power output and performance figures under wraps.

With an electric Mazda MX-5 Miata likely still years away from potentially reaching customers and Tesla continuing to delay the release of its second-generation Roadster, the Cyberster will have the small electric sports car segment pretty much to itself when it arrives in summer 2024 in the UK and Europe. Sadly, the Cyberster is not destined for the United States.

But even though it has no direct rivals, that hasn't stopped the MG design team from penning an attractive roadster with flourishes like butterfly doors and alluring lines that can be newly appreciated in this pre-production model.


This specific model was unveiled at a preview event in London at MG Motor's UK headquarters, and advanced design director Carl Gotham couldn't have been prouder to show off the result of his team's work on this car.

"It is a special moment for all of us who have played a part in designing this unique car," said Gotham. "The Cyberster will offer MG customers a striking, all-electric roadster which will be as exciting as MG sports cars of the past."

MG's impressive lineage includes the MGB from the 1960s and the MG F/MG TF that arrived in the mid-1990s. For a while, the MG F even outsold the MX-5 Miata in Britain.


The Cyberster's design retains the compact proportions of older MGs. Still, it is clearly from another time with its Kammback rear and aggressively low nose, bringing aerodynamic advantages to the shape.

In the new design film, Gotham describes the Cyberster as "an electric, exhilarating performance sports car" and a "return to form for the brand."

The design's original concepts began as hand-drawn sketches on paper before the team's favorite creations were shortlisted. Eventually, the chosen design moved to the digital phase, where the team played around with it using virtual reality while making more decisions on the final form and its dimensions.

Despite its modern detailing, the team wanted to retain classic sports car proportions like the long hood and rearward positioning of the cabin.


What the design film finally showcased was more of the details inside the Cyberster's cabin. We knew a yoke steering wheel was coming, but the other unique piece of design is three display screens that wrap around the driver.

Because the steering wheel has no upper portion, these three displays are fully visible regardless of your driving position. There is also a center console with another touchscreen, and it all appears to be very driver-oriented. Two-tone red/white seats are shown in this example, but other color combinations will surely be available.

Previously leaked information indicates that the Cyberster will make over 536 horsepower when equipped with dual motors, and its 0-62 mph time will be under three seconds. That'll embarrass the Miata, but then again, the MG will likely be far more expensive when it arrives.

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