MIA Electric Microbus to Arrive at EcoVelocity

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MIA is bringing three models to EcoVelocity in Britain for their debuts.

Lately every company has been coming out with new electric cars to try and get the jump on an evolving 21st century market. Some EV machines come in the form of racecars and some have come in the form of city cars. MIA Electric has created either an abomination or a clean micro-Mystery Machine. The MIA Electric Microbus will arrive in three variants at the EcoVelocity Motor Show and allow onlookers to get behind the wheel of the green urban machine.

The Microbus weighs in at a slim 1,653lbs, while the extended version comes in at 1,673lbs. It packs an 18kW electric motor that sits in the rear of the car and can hit a top speed of 68mph. Range is measured between 75-80 miles on a single trip on the 12kWh battery pack. Charging time is five hours. The three variants on display will include a standard short wheelbase that seats three, the extended L that seats four and the Box Van that contains storage of 1,500 liters. The MIA Electric Microbus and its friends will debut at the EcoVelocity Motor Show in England on September 8th.

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