Miami Chevy Dealer Offers $15,000 Discount In Wake Of Fidel Castro's Death


Yes, that includes the Corvette.

If you didn't know that Fidel Castro died recently, well, now you know. The man behind the Communist revolution in Cuba died November 25th at the age of 90. Reaction to Castro's death from around the world has been mixed, but over in Miami the prevailing sentiment is one of celebration. The Miami Herald is reporting that Bomnin Chevrolet, owned by Cuban immigrant Arnaldo Bomnin, is marking the passing of El Comandante by offering up to $15,000 off on new cars, trucks and SUVs. Yes, that includes the Corvette.

The killer coupon doesn't cover every new car on the lot. For example, to use the discount on a Corvette you'd have to find one that retails for at least $55,450. The deal is best used on a Silverado (which must cost at least $32,635) as it cuts the cost of the truck almost in half. We scanned Bomnin Chevrolet's inventory and found a ton of new 'Vettes listed for more than $55,450. As expected a bunch of Silverados meet the criteria too. Arnaldo Bomnin came to the US in 1996 at the age of 26, working a series of jobs, including avocado farmer and car salesman, before eventually starting Bomnin Chevrolet. His dealership is reportedly the biggest minority-owned GM dealership in the country.

In a press release, Bomnin spoke about Cuba and his hopes for the island's future. "Being a Cuban immigrant with some of my family still there, I know we are all praying and hoping for continued development and positive changes to come in Cuba's future. I was fortunate enough to make it to America and accomplish the American dream, and my hope is that one day Cubans will be able to experience the same freedoms there." He further elaborated on the idea behind the promotion when speaking with ABC News. "I don't celebrate the death of anybody. What we're celebrating is that we're one step closer to democracy in Cuba; we're one step closer to freedom in Cuba, to a free society in Cuba."

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