Miami Flood Car Videos Show Exotic Cars Trying To Beat Tropical Storm Alex

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Corvettes, BMWs, Mercs, Ferraris and Maseratis all got very, very wet.

There is never a shortage of wild behavior in Miami, Florida and plenty of viral videos have surfaced after flooding due to tropical storm Alex to prove that. Miami Dade County is perpetually underwater during named storms and hurricanes but the residents don't seem to be bothered by catastrophic events.

Case in point, several videos popped up of a black Corvette C8 driving through flooded streets in what appeared to be above the door beltline. The Corvette C8 famously survived the flood being that the mid-engine supercar has most of its vital gear aft of the driver.

But oh no, the madness didn't stop there because multiple videos of Floridians doing Florida things in vehicles were uploaded...and the banks want to know what you're doing with their cars!

A mash-up above of YouTube videos features a floating Nissan Sentra, a few BMW and Infiniti products stalled or near stalled and one dead Mercedes-Benz CLS. Then there is a Corvette C7 flooded or almost a write-off prompting the cameraman to ask: "it's a Corvette, what are people doing?" You can't help but question life decisions when a young lady in skimpy club gear pops out of a BMW 3 Series Coupe sunroof to get even more soaked when yet another basic SUV tries to drive in waters well past the doorsills.

Another video surfaced of a truck (make unknown) powering through several feet of water in Miami towing an inflatable raft with three people on it...and a wakeboarder behind them.

We're not sure how much free time they have to burn but then again the beach and bars were closed for their primary weekend plans. The truck is blasting Rick Ross while doing about 20mph and the tubers seem to be having fun whle the wakeboarder is loving life hitting the waves among the buildings of downtown Miami while another SUV follows along behind him. The whole scene is almost post-apocalyptic with no cops in sight and we're sure alcohol was a factor.

In another video uncovered on Instagram, we see what is an average Ferrari California submerged in not a lot of water but it appears to be immobilized. Since the V8 engine is up front in the California, it very well could be hydro-locked or have electrical issues like this Tesla.

The same Instagram user also posted a video that showed a Maserati Quattroporte being pushed to higher ground. We can only speculate if it became hydro-locked or developed electrical problems driving through the flood like these flood cars that were resold.

There are almost too many viral videos to sift through from South Florida where over six million residents live. Look for more Miami flood videos and feel free to drop more links in the comments. If we know Miami well enough, much of the same will surface during the next named storm. "Only in Miami" as the saying goes.

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