Miami Is More Obsessed With Supercars Than Any Other City

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At least, according to Instagram.

It's nearing two decades since Mark Zuckerberg and a few of his fellow Harvard friends unleashed Facebook on an unsuspecting public and in 2021, social media remains very much a hit or miss affair depending on who is using it. Last year, BMW unwisely decided to mock people who didn't like the new iX, and this year, a ridiculous social media challenge saw hundreds of Mazdas being stolen in New Zealand. Fortunately, social media is useful for a lot as well, like being a surprisingly effective research tool. An Australian website called Chasing Cars proved this point recently by using Instagram to uncover the supercar capitals of the world.

Front Angle View Ford
Side View Ford
Rear Angle View Ford

Essentially, these are the places you're most likely to cross paths with the likes of a Ford GT or a McLaren Senna. The research included using a sample of 5,000 geotagged Instagram posts under each supercar hashtag - #Lamborghini, for instance - and combining this with data from the World Health Organization to find out the number of cars registered per country or city. The results showed that Monaco is the country that had the highest rate of posts with supercar hashtags for every 1,000 motorists at 3,048. This idyllic region's love affair with supercars is well-documented. For every motorist in this country, there are three supercar posts - 19 times more than Denmark, which placed second. It's little surprise that these wealthy countries came out on top.

2017-2021 McLaren 720S Front View Driving McLaren
2017-2021 McLaren 720S Side View McLaren
2017-2021 McLaren 720S Rear View Driving McLaren

Miami turned out to be the most supercar-obsessed city with no less than 1,514 Instagram posts for every 1,000 registered vehicles. Of all supercars, the Ford GT emerged as the most popular with over 600,000 tags. Following Miami, other cities where you're most likely to spot a piece of automotive exotica include Manchester in the UK, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Atlanta. However, Miami was far ahead of all of these. McLarens and Instagram seem to be a good match; four McLaren models featured in the top ten and included the 720S, P1, and Senna. Remember, this doesn't mean that North America has fewer supercars in it than Monaco; it just means you're more likely to spot one in smaller, richer countries.

2020-2021 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder Open Top Lamborghini
2020-2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo Front View Driving Ferrari
2021-2022 Porsche 911 Turbo Front Angle View Porsche
Source Credits: Chasing Cars

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Front Angle View
Side View
Rear Angle View
2017-2021 McLaren 720S Side View
2017-2021 McLaren 720S Front View Driving

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