Miami's Porsche Design Tower Complete with Robotic Parking Deck

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Move to Miami if you want to live on the 57th floor with your car parked at your front door.

Porsche Design is renowned for styling watches, clothing and other accessories, and now it will make headlines for collaborating on a condo project in the heart of Miami that uniquely tackles the city's parking problems. Dubbed the Porsche Design Tower, the $560m million project conceived by a Miami Beach condo developer will have 132 housing units incorporated in the 57-story block, as well as three glass elevators big enough to swallow both high-rise dwellers and their rides.

Once the requisite floor is selected the robotic elevator system will drop man and machine at their doorstep, with units having between two and four parking spots. Car elevators are nothing new, but it's the first by Porsche Design with the design similar to VW's Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, a 20-story robotic parking garage used to deliver cars to new buyers. Now that's what you call a state-of-the-art valet. Aside from the 2.2 acres of prime Collins Avenue real estate, there are plans to build more such buildings in the US while ensuring the concept remains exclusive.

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