Miata Driver's Car Stolen by Guys She Stopped to Help in Car Crash

Oh, the humanity!

The next time you consider stopping to help a fellow road user caught in a pickle, remember that some people are not worth helping. This story chills the heart and is a timely reminder that a-holes exist everywhere. Even in Hawaii. That’s where this sorry story emanates from, where a lady, who stopped to help three people injured in a car crash, had her Mazda Miata stolen by two of the injured trio as she helped the third.

After seeing an SUV crash into a median in Honolulu, the AP reports our Miata-driving heroine attended to a bloodied woman who was hanging out her seat, while the driver and passenger took off in her ride. The car was thankfully recovered and one of the two men has been arrested. The police are still on the hunt for the driver.

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