Michael Johnson to Speed Up Williams F1 Team Tires Change


The Olympic gold medalist is working to improve the biomechanical techniques of the mechanics during tire changes.

A few weeks ago, Michael Johnson Performance Inc., owned by the four-time Olympic U.S. track champion, signed a partnership agreement with Williams GP in order to "enable the Williams F1 Team to ensure every aspect of its performance is at the highest level." It was assumed that the announcement referred to Williams's drivers' physical fitness; now it appears that the enterprise has a wider scope. Not only will the drivers enjoy MJP's services, but also the team's tire change mechanics.

It's well-known that tire changes are a critical procedure during an F1 race that can decide wins and championships. Although Williams hasn't been in a position to win either of those accolades in the last few years, an improved tire change procedure might help them gain a few places in a race. According to the Guardian.co.uk, MJP is preparing Williams mechanics to carry through tire changes in maximum efficiency and speed. "I feel extremely confident in myself and my staff in terms of what we have put together in training methodology and biomechanical efficiency." said Johnson.

"There is a tremendous amount of biomechanical movement going on in the pit stops so it stands to reason we can make that quicker. The amount of steps that it is going to take for the guy that has got that tire and has got to put it on - it makes all the difference in the world which is his lead leg to how many steps he is going to take. And the guy with the gun - it jumped out at me immediately that you can do it two different ways. You can take it off the wheel and bring it straight back into your chest or you can take it off and point it upwards to get it out of the way. What has never been done is to evaluate the guy from a sensory stand-point to see how accurate can he be."

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