Michael Schumacher Signed This Ferrari FXX And Now It Can Be Yours

All you need is patience and a couple of million euros.

Itisn't often that a car as rare as the Ferrari FXX comes up for auction. But now, one of the 30 scarce examples ever to be produced, inthis case number 29, is about to go on sale in just a couple of weeks throughBerlin-based auction house, Auctionata. Should you be interested, you've gottill September 26 to raise somewhere around two million euros and get yourselfto Munich, where it is expected to sell for approximately that sum. In return,you would be driving away in one of the hottest Ferrari racers of its time.

Equippedwith a 6.2-liter, 800 hp engine, the car served as a race car and includes asealed autograph by Michael Schumacher on the hood. It is the last customer vehiclefrom the FXX family, as number 30 was reserved for Schumacher himself. The carhas been cared for by the same collector-owner since 2007, but it had a bit ofa bumpy ride beforehand. In 2006, it was being driven at Forza and was involvedin a minor crash that damaged the front right corner. Fortunately, the parts werereplaced by Ferrari and it was then sold to its current owner. Right now it has 2,400 km on the clock and has been assessed and valued at 2,000,000 -2,200,000 Euro.

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