Michel Motorsports Gitano Is Cooler Than The Chevy Volt

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There will soon be a new plug-in hybrid sports car to compete with the Fisker Karma.

When you think of plug-in hybrids, there aren't many options, and the Fisker Karma is pretty much the only one that's really appealing for any reason other the technology. It seems there will be a new entrant to the world of plug-ins with emotional appeal though, and it is called the Gitano. The car from Michel Motorsports has a 100 mile range in EV mode, and can then travel under the power of a rotary range extender located in the trunk.

The same company is also working on an all-electric conversion for the fourth-gen (E46) BMW 3-Series, this might not sound all that interesting, but word is that if you ask them to, they'll crank the horsepower up to 1000. If you like the Gitano but electric propulsion isn't your thing, then it can be ordered with a gen IV LS V8 producing 430 horsepower and 424lb-ft of torque.

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