Michigan Plans To Bust Drivers For Clogging Up The Fast Lane


Why can't every state do this?

Everyone hates people who sit in the left lane and drive slowly. We aren't exactly sure why some drivers feel the need to do this. It's dangerous, unnecessary, and simply idiotic. If you live in the state of Michigan, you may no longer have to deal with this. Troopers from the cities of Rockford and Lakeview will be on the lookout for "southpaw drivers." These are people who commit the sin of driving slowly in the left lane. Drivers who are stopped for this "'lane use violation" (act of stupidity), will be educated by troopers about the proper use of the left lane.

First lieutenant Chris McIntire of the Michigan State Police said in a press release that that the goal of the initiative is to "educate drivers who don't know that the left lane is reserved for the passing motorist." He says that slow drivers in the left lane can often cause frustration in other drivers which can lead to dangerous moves to get around the turtle slowing down traffic. We applaud the Michigan State Police Department for recognizing that slow left lane drivers are an enormous danger on American roads. Hopefully other states will catch on soon!

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