Mid-Engine Corvette To Ditch Chevy's Small-Block V8?


New video reveals things spy photos can't.

A day after Chevrolet's alleged mid-engine Corvette was extensively photographed undergoing high-speed testing at the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife it has been captured on video turning tricks in anger. The new footage potentially clues us into a few new details about the upcoming American supercar that the spy photographs could not.

We can't tell you what high-strung engine lurks under the rear ventilated glass hatch, but we can tell you that it certainly doesn't sound like any of the current iterations of GM's performance-tuned 6.2-liter V8. Watch and compare the mid-engine car with videos of the ZR1 undergoing testing at the Nordschleife earlier this year and several things become apparent.

The C8 mule is missing the raspy and menacing mechanical munching caused by the sound of pushrods and rocker arms actuating within the hollow V. Instead, we hear a smoother, more controlled sounding noise, one more typically associated with high-revving DOHC engines.

Additionally, the mid-engine test car is noticeably quieter, and it's missing the wacky exhaust tips we saw sprout from ZR1 test mules earlier this year in order to stay compliant with the strict noise level requirements at the Nurburgring. It's thought the C8 Corvette could use a 5.5-liter naturally aspirated version of the 4.2-liter twin-turbo DOHC V8 debuted by Cadillac earlier this year.

Lastly, it's apparent from the sound of the full-throttle upshifts that the mid-engine Corvette shown in the video isn't using a manual transmission, and it's unclear if Chevy even plans to make one available in its marquee flagship.

We could see the mid-engine Corvette debut as early as the LA Auto Show in November, but a better bet is a January debut where it can take place in the shadow of GM HQ at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

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