Mid-Engine Corvette Zora Could Be A Global Supercar

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If a recent patent filing from GM is to be believed.

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors - that is how we would describe the ongoing discussion surrounding the mid-engined Corvette. We've seen test mules driving around alongside the C7 ZR1, we've seen dozens of renderings depicting what the car could look like, and we've even heard rumors about what engine could power this highly anticipated model. The one thing we haven't heard is an official announcement from GM. While it may be far from official, GM has recently filed a trademark patent that could point to the existence of the mid-engine Corvette.


All the way back in 2014, GM was rumored to use the Zora name for the mid-engine Corvette and filed for trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Now Mid-Engine Corvette Forum has discovered a new trademark filing from GM that protects the Zora name in several countries including the United Kingdom, European Union, China, Japan, Korea, and Australia. Trademark filings can be a sign that a car is close to production, or they can simply be precautionary. We're hoping the former is true and this patent filing points towards a global release of the mid-engine Corvette.

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GM recently filed a trademark for new active aero technology, so the details are starting to come together for this car to finally be revealed. The mid-engine Corvette is sure taking its sweet time to show its face, but when it does arrive it stands to be one of the fastest production cars in the world, with estimates placing the most powerful version at around 800 horsepower. Let's hope that it's worth the wait - and now countries around the world can get hyped for this all-American supercar.

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