Mid-Engined Corvette Rumored To Cost $170,000

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Better start saving, Vette fans.

If you've been following the news about Chevy switching to a mid-engined layout for the next-generation Corvette, and hoping for a bargain supercar, we're afraid we may have some bad news for you.

According to the latest intel from the Corvette Forum, the mid-engined Corvette C8 will cost $169,900. And that would make it not only more than three times as expensive as the current base Stingray, but significantly pricier than even today's ZR1, which starts just over $120k. But there may be a bit of a silver lining or two to this story.


For starters, it wouldn't put the C8 in the same league as supercars like the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, and McLaren 720S – which carry sticker prices closer to the $300k mark. Instead it would put it closer to the likes of the Acura NSX, Audi R8, McLaren 570S, and higher-end versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT and Porsche 911 (like the GT3 and Turbo). And it'd certainly come in less than the Ford GT – another mid-engined American supercar, which costs a good $450k. In that context, even a $170k Vette would seem like a relative bargain. But there's more.

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As other commenters on the forum point out, that rather hefty sticker price could be for the top version. More accessible variants could, then, still come in closer to the $100k mark that the ZR1 so startlingly broke through in its last iteration.

One way or another, the sticker would likely make the mid-engined Corvette one of – if not the absolute – most expensive cars made in America. That honor currently belongs to the Acura NSX that's built in Ohio and commands a $157,500 price of admission. (The Ford GT, bear in mind, is assembled north of the border in Ontario.)

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