Mid-Engined Supercars Battle it Out

Life is just so hard when you get to spend time with friends racing a Ferrari 458 Italia and a McLaren MP4-12C.

Say you’ve got roughly $230,000 to spend on a mid-engined supercar of your choice and you’ve narrowed it down to either the Ferrari 458 Italia or the McLaren MP4-12C. Yeah we know, that’s a tough call for anyone who's not devoted to either brand. So which will it be: the 570-horsepower 458 or the 625hp 12C? To help you decide, these Swedish supercar enthusiasts and apparent owners take both cars to the track for a little head-to-head racing action.

The entire thing is filmed from the passenger seat of the 458 as the competing pairs pass on instructions to each other in Swedish while racing. Yeah, the talking does sound kind of goofy but the noise coming from those cars' engines is just fantastic.

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