Mid-Size Pickup Fight: Chevy Colorado Vs. Toyota Tacoma

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One's a newcomer, the other a veteran. Both are targeting the same buyers.

There was a time when nearly all mainstream automakers offered either a small or mid-size pickup truck. Gone are the Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota, two of perhaps the most popular pickups in this class. Today, only Toyota, Nissan and GM are still in this segment (in the US at least). And of those three automakers, Toyota and GM usually draw the most customers. The Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado offer everything a pickup should, but not the bulk.


Not everyone needs a full-size truck like the Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado. Obviously, the redesigned Colorado is much newer than the Tacoma, but the latter has long proven itself as a reliable and thoroughly tough pickup. It's been so good that Toyota doesn't even feel the need to invest all that much to keep it up to date. That may change now that the Colorado is on the scene. But still, you likely can't go wrong with either one. So which is your pick? Let us know in the comments and poll ahead.

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