Mike Brewer Brands Edd China A "Traitor" For Leaving Wheeler Dealers

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Wheeler Dealers won't be the same without Edd China. Looks like Mike Brewer is struggling to cope with that fact.

Back in March, regular viewers of Wheeler Dealers were left devastated when the much-loved mechanic Edd China announced he was abruptly leaving the popular show after nearly 15 years due to disagreements about the show's creative direction. In short, Velocity, the show's new production company, felt that China's famously detailed workshop segments needed to be toned down, effectively dumbing the show down. Things then got heated when Brewer and his family started receiving death threats from disgruntled fans.

While this understandably will have put a strain on the pair's relationship, they looked as if they were taking it in their stride. That was until Brewer posted a freudian Tweet branding China as a "traitor" for leaving the show. Brewer has since deleted the venting post, but the damage has already been done. "Ed left, didn't say, just abandoned the show and then trashed it after 13 years…who's the traitor?" he said in reply to another user shown in a screenshot uncovered by Drivetribe. Clearly realizing that wasn't the most tactful Tweet he could have sent, he promptly deleted the post and followed it up with a reworded reply.

"Edd Left and didn't say, yes your (sic) right I'm still pulling the knife from my back!" That seems harsh, frankly, though you can understand Brewer's frustration. He must be feeling the pressure to continue hosting the show because, let's face it, China was the real star - it was his zany personality and in-depth workshop segments that made the show so unique and popular in the first place. Venting his frustrations out on China just seems petty, especially as he has already given a detailed explanation for his decision to leave on his YouTube channel. Whether the show will continue to be as successful remains to be seen.

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