Milan Abarth Builds an Insane Supercar

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Abarth may be known these days for hot hatches, but the founder's family is building this 1,700-horsepower racecar for the road.

The name Abarth may be inexorably tied to Fiat, standing as it does these days for performance versions of the 500 and Punto. But that wasn't always the case. The company was founded by Karl Abarth (who later changed his name to Carlo when he moved from Austria to Italy) and was initially focused on racing, later tuning everything from Fiats and Autobianchis to Renaults and Porsches. But while the brand has long since belonged to Fiat, Karl's descendants are apparently still active in their own right, producing the supercar you see here.

Unveiled in Monaco last week, the Milan Abarth supercar is a race car for the road, looking something like a Radical or a Dauer Porsche 962. Although details remain rather sketchy, the Milan Abarth is said to be available with power outputs ranging from 600 horsepower all the way up to a whopping 1,700 hp. With a curb weight hovering around the thousand-kilo mark (give or take a hundred kg), that promises to provide absolutely bonkers levels of performance. Each of the 14 examples will be built according to customer specifications, with prices starting at 300,000 euros. Look for further details when the car is officially unveiled in February.

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