Million Pound Pagani Huayra, $2 Door Handle

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It's almost too embarrassing to watch.

You're getting out of your big time meeting, you're dressed to kill, you're looking good. You're the man, or woman, and you know it. Guys and gals admire you as you get into your million plus ride and peel out leaving every one in awe. Ok, wakeup, we've all had that dream, but what if that dream turns into a real life nightmare because your car door is acting like a 10 year old fridge door from Samsung?

That is exactly what happened to this gentleman as he looked to dash off to the next appointment of his likely busy day. We suppose it shows that even the best supercars in world can suffer the fate of a common hooptie. What we are not taking into account here is that the part that likely needs fixing might cost in the ballpark of $15,000. One thing is certainly for sure, If you own a million pound exotic, you might want to take it to the shop and pony up for the fix before hitting the streets and looking like a rich, powerful dork.

You wouldn't see this in a Veyron...Just sayin.

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