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Millionaire Sues Pagani Dealer For Selling Zonda 760 He Can't Drive

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The dealer didn't supply any registration documents, allegedly.

Imagine buying one of the rarest supercars in the world, only to find that the dealer didn't provide the required documents that let you legally drive it. That's exactly what happened to Turkish multi-millionaire Tufan Kalman, who purchased a rare Zonda 760 Coupe from Pagani's flagship UK dealership in London last year, of which only 13 have ever been made. According to the Daily Mail, the property tycoon is now in the process of suing the dealer, alleging that it did not provide registration documents that allow him to drive it in the UK.

According to a writ issued at a London court, Kalman paid £3.4 million for the supercar at the dealership on February 6 and received delivery of the one-off Italian supercar six months later. But without the UK registration documents, he claims the supercar is unusable. "Without the original registration documents from the UK, Mr Kalman is unable to get the car registered in Switzerland. Hence the car cannot be used," the writ states. "To date Pagani UK Ltd has neither delivered the registration documents, nor repaid the purchase price." His lawyers argue that he is entitled to withdraw the contract and claim his money back as he can't use the car.

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Furthermore, the writ states that the dealer "offered to refund the purchase price if they did not deliver the original UK documents by the end of September 2017" and "there is no legal basis allowing the defendant to keep the purchase price." Kalman is also demanding interest at 8 percent dating from November last year, and is requesting his money paid in Euros due to the dropping value of the pound. "After waiting for about six months, Mr Kalman had the car delivered to Switzerland regardless" his solicitor Gunter Zimmer added. The writ claims that Pagani UK Ltd has neither delivered the registration documents or repaid the purchase price, but the dealer has yet to respond to the allegations.

As the name implies, the Pagani Zonda 760 is powered by a V12 delivering 760-hp and will do 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds before maxing out at 217 mph. Other celebrity owners of the Zonda 760 include Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, who famously crashed his Zonda in Monaco in 2015.