Lotus Emira Sounds Epic With New Exhaust System

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Miltek didn't waste time building a new sports exhaust for Norfolk's finest.

Even though the Lotus Emira only recently started being delivered to customers, companies like Milltek Sport have been working hard to create aftermarket accessories like this new state-of-the-art exhaust system. The T304L stainless steel system not only sharpens throttle response but gives the Emira an all-new aggressive exhaust note so you can really hear that supercharged 3.5-liter V6 sing.

Milltek was able to produce an exhaust system so quickly because it teamed up with the tuning geniuses over at Litchfield to make sure the product was one of the first off the line for the car. This means when US buyers are finally about to take delivery of their cars, they can get to customizing immediately.


The system isn't just a parts bin special either. It offers the driver more capability than a stock exhaust alone by being lighter, easy to install thanks to using the factory mounting points, and pretty fantastic looking. The OPF/GPF-back system works with the factory OE valve control motor and utilizes much better flowing 3-inch pipework leading to two, 2.5-inch outlet pipes.

The system can then be fitted with an optional OPF/GPF bypass pipe that works in conjunction with the optional Milltek Sport valve control system to bypass the rear muffler at a moment's notice, offering the driver the best sounds the car has to offer.

Thanks to the system, the car generates an 18% drop in back pressure and should be fully compliant for track-day use with the muffler bypassed, but having the capability to switch it on when needed will ensure your track days are safe.


The system with the bypass will mean weight savings of about 7 pounds over the factory version, and Milltek is even working on a Titanium version of the exhaust for even greater weight savings.

"Once again, we are exceptionally pleased to be one of the first to offer an enhanced sports-focused exhaust for another of 2023's most exciting performance cars," says Steve Pound, Managing Director at Milltek Sport. "Our work with Litchfield has helped us to create a system that not only enhances the Lotus Emira as a standalone upgrade but which is also designed to work in parallel with other tuning enhancements to fully optimize the performance potential of the supercharged V6."

The company is additionally working on a system for the upcoming 2.0-liter turbocharged AMG engine option that may be related to the one it just produced for the new Honda Civic Type R, meaning the entire Emira lineup gets to join in on the fun.


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