Milltek's Exhaust System Breathes New Life Into Performance Icons From The 2000s

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If you own a first-gen Audi TT or Audi RS4 B7, Milltek's new upgrade will make you smile.

Milltek knows a lot about how to engineer quality performance exhausts, and the company has just developed a new system for modern classics from the 2000s such as the first-generation Audi TT and Honda Integra Type R (DC5), the latter marketed in the USA as the Acura RSX and available in Type S guise. The bespoke OEM+ systems are also compatible with the Mini Cooper S (R53), Mitsubishi Evolution (VII/VIII), and two cars that already sound special in stock form: the Volkswagen Golf R32 and Audi RS4 (B5/B7).

Back in 2020, Honda delighted S2000 owners by introducing a parts catalog for the respected roadster, and in much the same way, Milltek's new exhaust breathes new life into a group of cars that remain deeply appreciated by enthusiasts.

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Milltek says that the extension of its Sport Classic range of exhausts stems from an increase in demand for OEM+ exhaust systems for modern classics, especially as collectors hanker after these models that are now around two decades old.

"We see our new extended range of Milltek Sport Classic systems as a sign of the times," said Steve Pound, managing director at Milltek Sport. "Interest is growing in the most exciting cars from the early noughties, and we expect the value of these cars to follow suit. A Milltek Sport Classic system offers the perfect balance of OEM+ design, superior quality, and enhanced performance and sound."


The Milltek Sport systems are made from durable and anti-magnetic T304L 'aircraft grade' stainless steel, which is less likely to discolor over time. Mandrel bending delivers better gas flow thanks to full-flow bends, and the increased bore boosts performance without sacrificing mid-range torque. Milltek says that many of its customers go for exhaust upgrades that emulate the original factory design, but some prefer race-inspired setups with a larger bore.

Many of the modern classics that benefit from Milltek's new Sport Classic range need no introduction. The B7 Audi RS4, for example, emerged as a genuine BMW M3 rival with its incredible 4.2-liter V8 and manual gearbox, making it one of the best Audi RS models ever.


At the more affordable end of the price spectrum, the modern Mini Cooper S hatch introduced in the early 2000s was a revelation with its playful handling and that distinctive supercharged whine. It's no wonder this spicy hatch lit up the big screen in 2003's The Italian Job. Although hopelessly impractical, its small size, even alongside today's Cooper, made it difficult to surpass for pure driver appeal.

These modern classics are too young to be considered restomod candidates but are now approaching an age where parts will be more difficult to come by, so it's great to see specialists like Milltek come to the party with ways to keep these performance heroes at their best.

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