Mini Aceman EV Spied With BMW Parts And Fake Lights

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Mini has gone to great lengths to hide the Aceman's lights for some reason.

Earlier in October, we spied the new Mini Aceman EV. With the next Mini Cooper lineup in the works, the brand's electrification strategy is taking shape. Now, we have a look at the Aceman on the road and some close-ups of the car's new lights.

Mini has shown us some of the upcoming model's styling via the Aceman Concept, but this is a chance to pour over some finer details. The car, set to be Mini's first fully-electric crossover, should pack more range than the electric Cooper and broaden the brand's market appeal here in the States.

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The new Aceman will use the same platform as the electric Cooper.

That platform is in co-development with China's Great Wall Motor. Additionally, our spies report that the Aceman has been made slightly larger due to said platform. Per the spies, the Aceman should come in at roughly 12 feet long, though it won't be eating into the Countryman's market.

The Countryman will instead grow to be the largest car in the lineup, with the Aceman EV slotting in just under it. That said, Mini looks to be replacing the Clubman, which will be phased out in 2023.

Already, we see some BMW design cues hinting at what's underneath. The Aceman will get new BMW door handles, indicating greater parts sharing between the two brands. We expect some level of BMW involvement with the infotainment as well.

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Unfortunately, we haven't yet seen the interior of the Aceman, so we can't confirm what that will hold.

Mini has gone to great lengths to hide other aspects of the car, like its headlights. Those rings around the lights are reportedly not part of the final design. Instead, they're there to throw us off what the Aceman will actually look like when it debuts.

It appears the Aceman will also offer black wheels, at least if the prototype car is to be believed. We've seen diamond-finish wheels of the same design before, which looks very "Genesis" if you ask us.

Regardless, from what we can tell, the Aceman will largely stay true to the concept we saw this summer. Mini has set the Aceman's debut for some time in 2024.

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