Mini Brings Seriously Mini Concept to LA Auto Show


You can use it to commute to work, so long as you don’t mind your coworkers seeing you on it.

We understand if you’re not going to find this concept quite as exciting as some of the others which debuted at the LA Auto Show. But that doesn’t mean Mini isn’t on to something with this little scooter thing. It is designed to fold up neatly and fit into the trunk of your Mini, where it will also charge its lithium-ion batteries from a 12-volt onboard charger. And once fully charged, it has a range of about 10-15 miles.

The top speed is about 15 mph, which is actually pretty quick for something like this. If the battery dies, or you just would prefer to use your own foot power to propel you, the motor can be disengaged from the wheel with the push of a button.

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The whole thing sort of feels like Mini is just begging Millennials to buy their cars, especially once you learn that there’s a port to charge your phone integrated into a holder. But at least Mini avoided the pitfalls of giving it an overly hip name, going instead with Mini Citysurfer, which is fine. It looks well thought out and well made as well. Could be interesting.