Mini Cooper Convertible Seaside Edition Debuts In The Dead Of Winter

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Odd timing, sure, but we'd say the Caribbean Aqua paint makes up for it.

The Mini Convertible is 30 this year. To commemorate the occasion, Mini has done what all automakers seem obligated to do - make a special edition Mini to mark the event. So, here it is, the Mini Convertible Seaside Edition. It bears many hallmarks of the current convertible model, including availability in S trims with 178 horsepower, and a power top.

Obviously, none of these things scream special edition you'll see up for auction several years from now. Those items are aplenty, including two special shades of paint - Caribbean Aqua and Nanuq White - and plenty of special badging and probably the coolest keys we've seen.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Double stripes run from the quarter panels to the rear of the Seaside Edition, and a special graphic on the bumper conveys the car's 30th birthday. Side markers also read "Seaside" to make onlookers more aware of what they're looking at. The same can be found on the rear of the car.

Mini's 18-inch Pulse alloy wheels have unique Seaside Edition center caps as well. These are weighted so they always appear upright. Other than that, the rest of the exterior is standard Mini, which is to say "unique" at the least. We're fans of funky Mini design, and the green shade certainly makes it pop.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Inside, more touches communicate to you that this isn't a standard Mini convertible. Illuminated door sills read "Seaside" as well. All Mini Convertible Seaside Editions are finished with a black leather interior. However, the unique dash trim will help it stand out from the rest of the lineup. So will another Seaside badge located on the wheel.

The keys are unique depending on the color ordered. White or green, they both have a special wave pattern on them and will read "30" on the back of the keys. No one is doing particularly interesting keys south of six-figure sports cars, so these are particularly fun.

Mini hasn't said when the Seaside Edition will launch, but we assume 2023 models will be available for order soon.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

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