Mini Cooper Multitone Edition Is A Tribute To Britain's Quirkiest Car

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If you build an oddball car, all you can do is really own it.

Mini is all about oddball cars. Heck, the Mini Cooper has always been an oddball car from the factory. It's got 'Union Jack' taillights, a weird center stack, and has a cult following here in America despite America's insistence that small cars are bad. So, to commemorate, or perhaps to capture, some of that Mini je ne sais quoi weirdness, the brand has released a weird special edition. Mini calls this the Multitone Edition, and it's just about how it sounds: a spread of colors, as well as a special roof pattern, to commemorate the eccentricity of the brand.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Mini says that the Multitone Edition will be available on the Cooper SE, as well as the 3-door, 5-door, and Clubman models. All models get the same Multitone roof, which features some unique patterning and a color-fade effect. Apparently, a load of work went into this design. Mini uses its own Wet-on-Wet paint process, during which each shade is painted onto the previous wet one, one layer at a time. Apparently, the process makes each car unique thanks to changing environmental conditions.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Both the Mini 3-door and 5-door can be had in Sage Green, but if you want that cool peachy-red hue, you'll need to get it on the Clubman. That color, by the way, is called Indian Summer Red. Each car will also get white accents, like the mirror caps. If you're asking, we think Sage Green on a 3-door is the way to go. Mini says this combination of colors stands for "diversity as well as a positive attitude." Honestly, we just hope the colors can eventually make their way into other models. Perhaps as a BMW Individual color? We can only dream.

Mini Mini Mini Mini

Mini has some other special touches on these cars as well. The wheels, regardless of which ones you spec, will come with a special Multitone badge. Wheels on offer include 17- and 18-inch options, the latter of which you see below on the Clubman. Mini will also include a special badge on the car's C-pillar.

Inside, there's more of the same, with Multitone badging on the mats and steering wheel. The same rainbow pattern from the roof can be seen on the dash, and Mini even has a special edition Multitone key for each car. Frankly, this is where Mini is at its best with unique designs. Its performance cars have always been fun but a wee bit flawed. All of the company's cars are affordable yet fantastic driver's cars. If Mini can keep leaning into that, we'll keep on digging the brand for it.

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