Mini Cooper S- Best Handling Compact Car

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The 2010 Mini Cooper S is one of the best-handling compact cars out on the market. Acceleration is surprisingly good and steering is quick and direct, particularly with Sport mode activated. Technology and performance upgrades are also optional. The downside: the fully optioned Cooper S gets quite expensive. Among other things, the ride is harsh and turbo lag is an issue. Cabin controls are scattered confusingly around the dashboard too.

Another problem, but not necessarily a deal breaker is that the navigation is DD-based and Bluetooth doesn't feature audio streaming or phonebook import. Nonetheless, the Cooper S is quirky, cute, and zippy. There's still much to like about it, like the fact that it's a blast in the corners, yet still sips fuel. Its style is classic, yet also modern, and there's never a parking spot that the Mini can't squeeze into.

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