MINI Countryman Becomes a Yarn Ball

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Where to begin with this one. Is it the lack of anything else to do, automotive related or not, or is it the sudden new-found hobby of knitting that hipsters have added to their list of idiotic pastimes? Depends on whom you ask, but this MINI Countryman decked out in, uh, yarn, appears quite absurd to us. Created by renowned "yard bomber" and founder of "Knitta Please" (I'm not making any of this up) Magda Sayegis, the car is a part of her Wander-lust marketing campaign.

After yarn bombing the 2011 MINI Countryman (again, their words), the artist and her friends traveled around the country collecting local supplies. They then proceeded to celebrate this latest piece of street art over a picnic. How cute. Sayegis has been known to wrap public spaces around the world in custom yarn knitting that supposedly adds a human quality to urban environments. And for those interested in seeing the yarn-covered MINI in person, it's apparently on display in Austin, Texas.

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