Mini Countryman JCW Spied Going Through A Growth Spurt

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Mini's go-fast crossover will become a go-fast SUV

A new Mini Countryman JCW is in the works, and you're looking at it. Previously, Mini's new JCW wore a black and white camo more reminiscent of BMW, the brand's parent company. Now, we see it here in yellow and black. Mini has used this camo for a while now, and multiple spy shots of Mini models show all but confirm this is the next Countryman JCW. That, and of course, the big red brakes.

We also see the new production-ready headlights and taillights. More accurately, just a bit of them, as the units are still covered off by camo. Still, you can make out their shape in the photos below.

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However, the most noticeable aspect of this prototype is its size. As Mini works to reinvent itself for the electric age, the Countryman has grown. This third-generation model will be more of an SUV than a crossover, and our spies report much of the car will be shared with the upcoming BMW X1.

Both will ride on the brand's FAAR platform. This new architecture makes room for gas, PHEV, and full EV powerplants. It's also much of the reason for the Countryman's growth spurt. The car's new FAAR architecture means the new Countryman will be available as an EV, something the brand has confirmed already.

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Another hint that this is a JCW model comes from the quad exhaust pipes, pictured above. Now, details on the powertrain are scarce, but this is Mini we're discussing. Expect a turbo-four as well as shared powerplants with the X1, which could produce around 330 horsepower. Inside, we expect quite a lot more room than the current car.

Interior photos of the Countryman show a round central screen typical of Minis, but with almost zero bezels on it. The gearshift has been relocated and restyled as a switch just under this screen. Reportedly, Mini has ditched its driver-facing gauge cluster in favor of a HUD. That had better work with polarized sunglasses, or Mini will be in serious trouble.

Expect a 2023 debut for the Mini Countryman and Countryman JCW.

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