Mini Electric Porsche 356 Roadster Has 186-Mile Range And Leather-Lined Interior

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The Carice TC2 is the perfect second car to keep at your summer home.

Carice Cars, a little-known electric vehicle manufacturer in the Netherlands, has revealed the delightful TC2, a retro-themed roadster that runs on battery power.

Styled after the Porsche 356, the predecessor of the iconic 911, the minuscule TC2 is a quirky little thing. There are hints of the Daihatsu Copen in the design, and while it's certainly not to everyone's tastes, you can't help but smile at the cheeky looks. The example seen below is finished in a shade of blue with Minilite wheels and a tan leather interior.

The compact dimensions should make for a fun driving experience. Carice claims the TC2 weighs just 1,389 lbs (including the battery pack), which should pay dividends in the bends. That's remarkable, especially considering how heavy modern EVs can be. One GMC Hummer EV Pickup weighs as much as 6.5 Carice TC2 roadsters.

Carice Cars

Carice hasn't divulged details about the battery pack, but the featherweight mass has contributed to a decent electric driving range. The Dutch automaker claims the TC2 can travel more than 186 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for a car of this ilk.

Sadly, there's no performance data, but we're guessing this isn't the sort of car you opt for if you're craving straight-line thrills. "We distilled the car to its purest form and everything that's in there has been created with love and an eye for detail ... it's about feeling the ride in every fiber of your body," said company founders Niels van Dril and Richard Holleman in a statement to Silicon Canals.

The interior is the highlight of the package and boasts high-quality materials and gorgeous detailing.

Carice Cars
Carice Cars
Carice Cars

The wood-rimmed, three-spoke steering wheel is gorgeous and harks back to iconic sports cars of the '60s. The engine-turned aluminum (often seen in exclusive Bentleys) is exquisite and adds a touch of glamor and occasion to the tiny cabin. Leather covers almost every inch of the interior and lines the dashboard, seats, door cards, and center armrest. Overall, it looks like a pretty special place to partake in some al fresco motoring.

If you're interested, Carice says the TC2 starts at €44,500 (approx. $48,500), but that's exclusive of taxes. Sadly, you'll have to keep your TC2 at your European summer home, as the vehicle only complies with European regulations at this time. The bijou EV is built to order and can be customized with various exterior paint colors, wheels, interior upholstery, and more.

"With the Carice TC2, we want to create art on wheels. Elegant, environmentally friendly, agile, and handmade," said the founders.

Carice Cars
Carice Cars

"We're passionate about creating beautiful cars that make people happy," they added. Despite the hefty price tag, Carice says that the first bunch of TC2s has already sold out, which shows there's demand for this sort of vehicle. The vehicle will be displayed in Valkenburg, the Netherlands, at the Tulpenrallye on May 13.

The idea of electric resto-mods has caused a bit of furor in the gearhead community. Some believe that classics should be preserved as is and not tampered with - especially if they're exceptionally rare motor vehicles. Others are okay with electric conversions, provided the vehicle wasn't designed to be a sports car in the first place. Classic Land Rover electric resto-mods are a good example of this.

But messing with a classic Porsche? It's a hot-button topic, and vehicles like the Carice TC2 provide customers with the style of a classic car and the performance of an EV without gutting a cherished classic.

Carice Cars
Carice Cars

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