Mini Files Patents, Steps Closer to Superleggera Vision Production

Still not officially a yes.

When Mini brought the Superleggera Vision concept tot Italy’s Concours d’Elegance at Villa d’Este earlier this year, the car caused quite a stir. This has to be at least in part because, for once, it was a Mini concept which wasn’t weird looking or inexplicably huge. Talk started shortly thereafter about whether there would be a production version, and BMW has been elusive in that way automakers tend to be about these things, saying in September that a decision was at least six months away.

That time hasn’t yet elapsed, but a patent was just filed by Mini for a car that looks remarkably like the concept. There have been a few minor changes made, the grille has been altered a bit and the side mirrors are now ovoid instead of rectangular, but it is definitely recognizable as the same car. The concept was said to have an electric drivetrain, not an uncommon thing for concept cars these day, but whether that would carry over to a production model remains to be seen; it may be offered as one of a few options. That’s all the information we have so far, but it does appear a production car is on the way.

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