Mini Gets New Design Head

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Style is an important factor. It makes your product popular and memorable if it's done right, and Mini, perhaps more than any other automotive brand in the world, is defined by the style of its vehicles. While many are attracted to the performance of a Mini, the majority of the attraction is often due to the brand's excellent look. The Mini's most successful design language is attributed to Gert Hildebrand, who has served as the head of the Mini Design Studio.

Hildebrand was responsible for the reborn Cooper from 2001 and its siblings, the Convertible, Clubman, and Countryman. One would think that Anders Warming, the man who is set to take over Hildebrand's position, will have a hard time filling in his predecessor's shoes. This will not be the case since Warming, who currently serves as head of Exterior Design for BMW, is attributed with recently updated models from BMW that include the Z4, 5 Series, and the 6 Series Concept Coupe. Good luck to Mr. Warming.

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