Mini Goes Back To Rally Roots With Countryman Untamed Edition

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But do all-terrain tires an off-roader make?

Most of the time, Minis can be somewhat limited in their scope. The brand makes small city cars, and that usually comes at a cost when you want to spend some time outside the city. That was the original inspiration for the Mini Countryman, now in its 12th year. Seeing as Mini is a brand steeped in rally heritage, it's only fitting the Countryman be made a little more off-road capable.

That's effectively what the brand's new special edition is about. It's called the Countryman Untamed Edition and comes with a myriad of updates to make the Mini a tiny home away from home. There's even a roof tent.

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But let's start with the upgrades that'll get you where you're going. The new AWD Countryman is now fitted with Grabber AT3 tires wrapped around 18-inch "all-terrain wheels." Mini doesn't specify what makes the wheels just as all-terrain as the tires, however. Mini says the tread pattern of those Grabber tires should give improved grip on loose surfaces thanks to an open-sided tread pattern.

Should you reach a point where the Mini can't go any further, you might find a use for the bike rack on the back. It'll hold two bikes, and Mini says it should be pretty easy to attach. However, by far the coolest part of the Untamed Countryman is the roof tent. Mini says it measures 6'9" x 4'3" x 3'1". It's certainly long enough to fit just about anyone, but we'd imagine that four feet wide and three feet high isn't quite enough to fit two people comfortably.

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According to Mini, that too will be easy to install. It weighs around 127 pounds, so you'll probably need a friend to get it onto the roof. From there, propping it up is easier, and assisted by gas springs. There's also an aluminum ladder for easier ingress and egress. Inside, the Autohome-made tent has plenty of pockets and an overhead LED light for better visibility.

It's also been sustainably made, in line with Mini's new, greener vision. The roof tent is made from recycled PET bottles. Mini says each square meter of the tent is made from around five plastic bottles. The mattress included inside the tent is also made from ecological polyurethane.

Mini hasn't said if you'll be able to buy these attachments from the Untamed Edition piecemeal, and for now, no release date or pricing has been announced. Regardless, it's a pretty cool camping setup that won't take up a ton of space. Add a bit of a lift, and you've got yourself a recreation of rally Minis from old, which is another level of cool all its own.

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