MINI Goes Camping with Cowley Caravan and Swindon Tents

MINI has released their camping accessories and well, they are perfect for the outdoors.

Mini is going all-out with their camping gear, designing both a "Cowley" caravan and "Swindon" roof-compatible tent. Both outdoors accessories fit on the Cooper, Clubman and Countryman models. Starting with the Swindon tent, the box, when closed, has a discreet feel about it and is painted the same color as the car. When the tent is popped, it provides sleeping space for two people, all you have to do is climb in. Perfect for "the English shires or the foothills of Kilimanjaro," says Mini.

The Cowley caravan attaches to the rear of your Mini model also provides ample space for two tuckered-out travelers. It features a twin-burner gas stove, water tank and washing capability. The refrigerator, stereo system and TV/DVD player are all solar powered. It weights 661lbs and is just short of five inches wider than the Mini Clubman. Mini says the Cowley caravan is "Maximum touring pleasure on a minimal footprint." Check out both of Mini's camping options below and let us know which you prefer taking out into the wilderness.

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