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Mini Goes for 360-Degree Backflip

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The JCW Countryman may technically be a Mini, but there's nothing small in scale about this stunt.

Most drivers are happy trying to keep their cars on the road, but Guerlain Chicherit is not most people. He's a stunt driver, so his goals in driving are a little different. In this video, he's taken a Mini John Cooper Works Countryman out of a shipping container and driven it up a ramp at speed to perform what's said to be the world's first unassisted 360-degree backflip in an automobile. The Countryman might seem like an odd choice for the task, but then it has been successfully modified for the World Rally Championship and the Dakar rally.

The video is just a teaser, and only shows the launch. We'd assume Chicherit stuck the landing just fine or Mini wouldn't be promoting it, but to find out for sure, we'll have to wait for the second part, which is expected to "land" shortly.

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