MINI Goodwood Concept

These days, it seems like BMW is willing to try just about anything with the MINI brand, no matter how illogical. BMW likes having MINI because it allows them to sell less expensive cars without it negatively affecting their brand image. So what is their latest move with this inexpensive sub-brand? They made an expensive one, of course. Debuting in Shanghai is the MINI Goodwood, named for the headquarters of another BMW-owned brand, Rolls-Royce.

The Goodwood is essentially meant to be a MINI on the outside and a Rolls-Royce on the inside. This is presumably meant to compete with the new luxury superminis coming from other brands like the Aston Martin Cygnet. To most, cars like the Cygnet seem to have more to do with CAFE standards than any actual market trends, but aparently BMW is taking the threat seriously. Frankly, we're just happy they didn't decide to put a Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood.

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