Mini Has Removed Almost 4,500 Pounds Of Plastic From Mediterranean Sea By Selling Cars

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For every vehicle sold, the environmental group Gravity Wave is removing 2.2 pounds of plastic from the sea.

Earlier this year, Mini embarked upon an environmental initiative that, to date, has removed and recycled 4,409 lbs of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea.

The automaker teamed up with Gravity Wave in June. This startup specializes in using environmental awareness and a circular economy to fight the scourge that is plastic pollution in the world's oceans. While the results are nothing short of extraordinary, there's still a long way to go.

An agreement between the two entities stipulates that for every purchase of a Mini, 1 kilogram (roughly 2.2 pounds) of ocean waste would be removed from the sea. The end goal is to remove 10,000 kg (22,046 lbs) in a year. That's a lot of Minis that need to be sold, then.

BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini

By using a circular economy, these items are recycled and converted into useful materials that are later sent to municipalities, where they're used to produce bins, furniture, and street benches. The Spain-based organization has a commitment to cleaning up the ocean and highlights the importance of preserving our oceans for future generations.

The Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop is also playing its part, providing emissions-free transport for the initiative and all those involved. Both companies have just over six months to achieve their goal, with the project expected to conclude in June 2023. It may seem a lofty goal, but that's how impactful change is made.

BMW/Mini BMW/Mini BMW/Mini

Mini isn't the only brand that is backing environmental initiatives. Volkswagen is aiming to transform the Greek island of Astypalea into an electric vehicle paradise by replacing aging vehicles with new battery-powered cars. What's more, abandoned vehicles that have been left to rot around the island are being removed from the region, recycled, and disposed of properly.

Audi is also looking at alternative ways to alleviate its burden on the environment. Not only is the premium automaker looking at ways to use old automotive glass for new vehicles, but it's also giving EV batteries a second lease on life, using them to power rickshaws in India. Again, these initiatives may seem small and have lofty ambitions, but together, each little bit makes a big difference.

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