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Mini is Already at Work on the Next Mini


But it's not due to arrive until 2020.

The redesigned 2014 Mini Cooper has only been in showrooms for a short time now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about its eventual replacement. Seriously? Yes, according to Edmunds, Mini has already begun the early stages of development for the 2020 Mini Cooper. At this point, obviously, details are scarce, but what’s known is that the fourth-generation Mini may include a pure EV variant. We can also expect to see greater use of high-tech materials and smaller engines.

One major goal is to make the car lighter, and parent company BMW has made significant progress recently in its carbon fiber development thanks to the i3 and i8. It’s still a mystery as to whether the 2020 Mini Cooper will be even larger than the current model, but what’s for sure is that it’ll retain the familiar design traits that define the car.

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