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Mini is Semi-Serious About a Superleggera Production Roadster


The question now is whether it could be profitable.

You’ve read the details on Mini’s latest and perhaps most audacious concept in years, the Superleggera Vision. As it stands now, Mini has yet to say whether or not it'll reach production. However, Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer has just stated that such a car would be perfect for Mini as the brand looks for new "superheroes." More simply put, Mini is interested in growing beyond what we know it as today. Schwarzenbauer also mentioned that a 35,000 Euro starting price sounds about right.

So while Mini is still getting feedback from the media and the public regarding the concept, rendering artist Theophilus Chin has just cooked up a couple of images showcasing what a production version could look like. Basically, he toned down the rear lights and front grille. He also added basic essentials such as side mirrors, door handles and proper windscreen. Interior details were taken from the current Mini Roadster. Another change are the lowered side door sills, thus making the door bigger for better access. Overall, we like what we see here, but the ball is entirely in Mini’s (or rather BMW’s) court. It just needs the green light from the BMW board.

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