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Mini JCW GP is a Go-Kart with Testosterone

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Think of it as sort of a second-gen Mini Cooper goodbye present.

It's no secret that an all-new Mini Cooper is coming very soon. Before that arrival, track and speed enthusiasts should note that time is limited if they want to get their hands on the Mini John Cooper Works GP. In case you didn't know, this thing is the fastest production Mini ever made. To give you an idea as to how fast it really is, it managed to bring in a Nurburgring lap time of 8:23. Clearly it's not for someone looking to simply have a Mini JCW. No, it's meant for the enthusiast. There's not even a backseat.

And it handles pretty much like a go-kart, but one that requires a driver's license in order to operate. Check out this new video of pro racing driver Justin Bell as he gets behind the wheel of this 211 horsepower, turbo-engined and steroid-injected hot hatch.

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