Mini Looking to Go Bigger than the Countryman?

You just knew they would.

For those who feel that BMW has literally destroyed the Mini brand with models like the Countryman and Paceman, you’re likely to get a whole lot angrier. You see, the platform that underpins the new Mini is highly flexible, allowing for the brand to expand its lineup even further with "far more adventurous" spin-off models. Those are the words of sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson who admitted that his company was very careful not to make the Countryman too big.

However, with sales of 100,000 a year and climbing, Mini now believes there’s room in the lineup for something larger. Robertson admitted there is a definite size limit that can’t be surpassed in order "to remain true to the brand." He reiterated that as long as any Mini is an urban car with a good turning circle and a decent park size, then anything is possible. Just forget about a production-spec Rocketman (what a true Mini fan desires most).

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