Mini Minor Small Car Is Coming But Not Soon Enough

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Blame Toyota. That's always fun.

Last month it was revealed that Mini will be teaming up with Toyota to co-develop a small city car platform. In other words, the Rocketman concept Mini revealed in 2011 will finally see production, only it'll be called the Mini Minor. And now a few project updates have come to light. Toyota is very much a full partner in this project because the basic platform will also underpin a successor to the disappointing (sales wise) iQ. At the moment, it's being called the Toyota Starlet but this may change before production begins.


Speaking of which, the biggest news is that the Mini Minor won't hit the market until late 2018 or even early 2019. Car Magazine also claims that pricing will be in the €13,000 - €15,000 Euro price range. What the publication, according to its Mini source, can also confirm is that the three-door hatch design will remain, and will combine styling bits from both the Paceman and Rocketman concept. Other styling bits may even include a "double-bubble roof, upright split Union Jack taillights, a small trapezoidal grille and blacked-out pillars." Yep, the Mini Minor could turn out to be the best Mini since, well, the original and first-gen reborn Minis.

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