Mini Officially Reveals New Paceman Crossover Coupe

2012 Paris Motor Show / Comments

Leave a Mini Coupe and a Mini Countryman alone in a showroom overnight, play some R&B, leave a case of wine and presto! You've got yourself the new Paceman.

Want a Mini? Better know which one, because the choices aren't so simple these days. In addition to the basic hatchback, BMW's baby British brother offers the Convertible, the Coupe, the Roadster, the Clubman, the Clubvan and the Countryman. That's not even counting all the various trim levels, engines, high-performance John Cooper Works models and various special editions. And now you can count one more: say hello to the new Mini Paceman.

Following initial photos that leaked out the other day, Mini has released the full monte on its latest model. Essentially a three-door version (or two-door, if you don't count the tailgate) of the Countryman, the Mini Paceman joins a revival of the segment that includes vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque and the upcoming Porsche Macan -only more, you know... Mini. What the Paceman brings to the Mini family is the taller format of the Countryman but with a sloping roof more similar to (but to our eye better looking than) the controversially-styled Mini Coupe.

Add to that a measure of versatility, with available all-wheel drive and a cargo bay that can accommodate 11.6 cubic feet, but can be expanded to 38 with the rear seat when folded. At this point Mini has announced the Paceman in Cooper and Cooper S trims, with a 1.6-liter four offering 112 horsepower or 184 turbocharged. (Expect diesel and JCW models to follow.) After its live debut at the Paris Motor Show in a couple of weeks, the Paceman catalog will also offer buyers the choice between 6-speed transmissions (manual or automatic), wheels ranging from 16 to 19 inches and options including a glass roof and Harman Kardon sound system.

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