Mini Paceman JCW Arrives Early

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Performance version of Mini's crossover coupe pops up ahead of schedule.

Remember when Mini made just one or two models? Yeah, neither can we. These days the Anglo-Saxon automaker offers a full range of model variants, multiplied by a wide range of engines. At the top of them all is the John Cooper Works line-up, which has already transformed most of Mini's models into veritable performance automobiles. Next on the docket is the Paceman, the JCW version of which has just leaked out in these initial images. Like the JCW Countryman, the JCW Paceman has arrived decked out in black.


Contrasting with the nero paint are red stripes, roof and trim, along with up-sized alloys and aero package. Essentially a coupe-ified version of the Countryman, the Works-spec Paceman is likely to carry the more powerful 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbo four with 218 horsepower that motivates the JCW Paceman and GP hatchback than the less potent 208hp version in the other Works models. Also like the Countryman, the Paceman will be putting that power down to the road at each corner through the All4 traction system. We'll have to wait for BMW to release further details to know for sure, but for now you can check out these images for a preview of what to expect.

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