Mini Paceman to Officially be Called Countryman Coupe

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The Mini Paceman concept will be heading to production as the (surprise!) Countryman Coupe.

Mini just continues to keep them coming. What started off as the original/reborn Mini hardtop has now expanded into an entire lineup consisting of a couple of convertibles, performance models, and now a small crossover. The Countryman has so far been a successful model for the automaker and they'd like to obviously capitalize further on that. Remember, business is business. The two-door Paceman concept that was unveiled a while back is simply a Countryman without the two rear doors.

So why bother changing its name? Mini apparently felt the same and have announced the production version will be called the Countryman Coupe. If all goes to plan, we'll be seeing the production version unveiled at the Paris Motor Show this September as a 2014 model. The only major difference (other than the doors) from the standard Countryman will be unique rear-end styling. Photos displayed are of the 2011 Mini Paceman Concept and 2012 MINI Countryman.

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