Mini Plant Oxford Marks 100 Years

Many cars have been built there over the course of the past hundred years, but these days the factory at Oxford is home to Mini.

Some British automakers especially are inexorably tied to the places they call home. While Aston Martin may have moved from Newport Pagnell to Gaydon, and Caterham has moved out of the town from which it took its name, Bentley will always be based in Crewe, Jaguar will always call Coventry its home, and Mini will forever be tied to the plant at Oxford. Although the Oxford factory has built many different cars over the years – including MG, Wolseley, Austin, Vanden Plan, Triumph and even Honda – these days it’s all about Mini.

Now the plant is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The factory opened in 1913 building Morris Minors and such, and has since passed through many stages of ownership, incluyding Jaguar, Leyland, British Aerospace and Rover. These days the Mini Plant Oxford, as its current parent company BMW calls it, employs some 3,700 workers (a far cry from the 28,000 who worked there in the ‘60s) who toil to churn out 900 new Minis every day. A total of 2.25 million Minis have been buiult there, contributing to a grand total of 11.65 million cars built over the course of its hundred-year lifespan.

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