MINI Ray Line Makes its Way to Italy

A very bright special edition has been made available for the Cooper hatchback, convertible and Clubman.

The Mini Ray Line special edition styling package, known around the CarBuzz offices as the Skittles package, features plenty of bright and fluorescent colors normally found in a bag of snacks rather than on a British model. The Ray Line package is available in several different base colors, each of which is accompanied by a choice of either Alien Green, Lemon Yellow, Flash White, Pink Energy, Vitamin Orange or Shocking Blue. These colors make their way to either the side mirrors, wheels, roof stripe and hood strips.

A choice of two 17-inch alloy wheels has also been made available, adding a little bit more of a customized flair to the Mini. The package also features a few bits and bobs on the interior, such as an upgraded CD and stereo system and a 3-spoke sports steering wheel wrapped in leather.

The Ray Line exterior styling package is available for the Cooper hatchback, convertible and Clubman. Specifically made for the Italian market, the Ray Line package starts pricing at €1,450 and runs up to €2,900.

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