Mini Rows Out Cabrio Boat at Boston Regatta

Mini's latest body-style hits the Charles River in Boston during rowing regatta.

Mini has spun its original hatchback into a whole mess of body-styles: convertibles, wagons, coupes, crossovers, with more to come... but a boat? That's exactly what Mini had in store for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Cambridge, Massachussets. There the retro Anglo-Saxon brand floated a chili-red Mini Convertible motorboat in between the rowing shells, sailing the Charles River from Boston University to Christian Herter park.

The boat was built out of fiberglass by ACI Composites out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which used a 2004 Mini hatchback as its template and fitted it with trim pieces and components supplied by the factory and fitted it all onto a standard boat hull. Ditching the usual four-cylinder engine, the Mini boat is powered by a six-horsepower outboard engine, enabling the River Control Committee to keep pace with the rowers during the event this past weekend, after which it is set to participate in similar events on the Hudson and Potomac rivers in the New York and Washington, DC, areas.

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