Mini's Latest Special Edition Is The Definition Of An Automaker 'Mailing It In'

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Is it fair to call this a 'special' edition?

This is the Mini Seven, a special edition model designed to pay tribute to the Austin Seven, an iconic small car from Britain. Yes, surprisingly there was a small car in England before the Mini. The changes here are all cosmetic, with the engine left untouched. They start with the "Seven" badging on the exterior and new 17-inch wheels. There is also new silver trim on the mirrors and roof. The badging continues on the interior with "Seven" written on the door sills. The interior has some new brown trim as well.

If we seem underwhelmed it's because we are. As Car and Driver aptly pointed out the Mini Seven is not really anything new. All of the four paint colors offered on the car are available for standard two and four-door hardtop models and the Piano Black dashboard trim and hood stripes aren't even unique to the car. OK, the Diamond Malt Brown fabric/leather combo is exclusive to the Seven. Mini desperately needs to light a fire under its lineup but mailing in special additions isn't the way to do it. The automaker should stop wasting time on superficial special editions and start designing a new car that will capture the hearts and minds of consumers. Might we suggest the Superleggera or the Rocketman?


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