Mini’s Latest Wagon Looks Like It’s Always Happy


Long live cheerful wagons.

Ford may have a stronghold on sporty compact hatchbacks, but Mini still makes some of the best compact luxury wagons. Based off the Mini Clubman, the new Clubman All4 all-wheel drive variant promises to be more fun, luxurious and efficient than before. While the Clubman All4 looks like it goes against the brand’s central theme of small cars, it still looks like it will be fun to drive. The major difference between the newly revised Clubman and the Clubman All4 is the wagon’s all-wheel-drive system.

Besides the ability to spin all four of its wheels, the Clubman All4 has All4 branding, a new rear differential with an electrohydraulic clutch and a propeller shaft that sprouts out of the front differential. Mini claims its All4 system can help drivers tackle inclement weather and aid in high-speed handling. Powertrain options are the same as the front-wheel drive Clubman. The base Clubman All4 has a three-cylinder 134-hp engine, while the upgraded Clubman S All4 models feature a 2.0-liter engine that’s good for 189 hp. Enthusiasts will enjoy the six-speed manual, while commuters will appreciate the eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and launch control.

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According to Mini, the new Clubman S All4 can sprint to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds, which is faster than the front-wheel drive Clubman S. The wagon still has the same amount of cargo and interior space as the front-wheel drive model, so it’s safe to say that the all-wheel-drive system hasn’t ruined the versatility of the wagon. The Clubman All4 will be revealed at the 2016 New York Motor Show and is expected to go on sale in April. Pricing for the wagon hasn’t been released yet, but one could assume it will be a few thousands dollars above the front-wheel-drive Clubman’s price.